First Engine Test Demo Released

We’re pleased to announce we are ready to release an Engine Demo,


This isn’t so much a ‘get people excited for the game’ demo, as it is just us fishing for bugs and criticism. None of the rooms you see will be in the final game, and many of the graphics will change. We just wanted to make sure our engine is bug free and fun to play before we start working on the actual game.

So please! Let us know what you think.
Currently not much to do as this is just an engine demo, but you can try and find the 5 health upgrades and 100 gems.

Arrows – Move
Z – Jump
X – Sword
C – Ball
Enter – Pause [use this for graphic options]

[all can be done midair]
Up + X – Uppercut
Left/Right + X[hold] – Sword Dash
Down + X[midair only] – Ground Stab

F1 – Info/controls
F2- Restart
F3 – Record Video (series of screenshots)

Hope you enjoy.


One Response

  1. We’ve been receiving lots of complaints about the wall jumping. We realize we went a bit overboard with it in the test levels, in the real game there wont be nearly as much wall jumping and hardly any required to beat the game. It’s mostly a skill to save you from botching a jump or to get to some secret areas.

    Nevertheless, I’m working on some changes to make it easier to do.

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