Engine Demo 1.1

Sorry if we kept anyone waiting, but here’s the new engine demo featuring a lot of changes based on feedback from our first demo.


Arrows – Move
Z – Jump
X – Sword
C – Ball
Enter – Pause [use this for options]

[all can be done midair]
Up + X  –  Uppercut
Double tap Left/Right  –  Dodge
X [while dodging]  –  Sword Dash
Down + X[midair only]  –  Ground Stab

The first thing you might notice is that wall jumping is a bit easier, we slowed it down, made the jumps a little more generous, and simplified the wall jump shafts.

We have added a new dodge ability which can be executed by double tapping either left or right, there are options in the pause menu for the double tap speed required (let us know what speed you find best), and an option for shoulder button style dodging set to the A and S keys. The dodge is useful for passing through enemies and swinging your sword during the dodge will trigger the sword dash.

Bushes have been changed so they’re no longer an obstacle and allow you to pass through the plant enemies much easier.

The plant and dragonfly enemies are now much easier to kill, as per many’s complaints. We will still have plenty difficult enemies later in the game, but for starter enemies we decided that these should be a little more forgiving.

Those are the main changes, we’ve made further tweaks to the enemies, the way the sword behaves, and other things but they’re not as much fun. We also added a new room, an extra 50 gems and another health piece just so there’s something semi new to do.

Unfortunately we still haven’t worked in customizable keys or controller support, it’s definitely coming, but until then Joy2Key will have to do sorry.

With all that said, we hope you enjoy and please leave a comment below with your thoughts and criticism.


2 Responses

  1. Great! I had trouble with the wall jumping before.

  2. Here’s a quick video of me collecting everything in this demo:

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