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How’s This?
August 9, 2014

Well I got some feedback and people seem to like the blue and yellow explosion just fine, all it needed was some more details

exploding hurts

I detailed the frame where he’s half exploded, refined and added more spark effects, and made the fadeout at the end smoother. Here’s what it’ll roughly look like in game:



Death Animation
August 3, 2014

Hello everyone.

Just thought I’d share what I’m currently working on, it’s long overdue really..:

This is the work in progress death animation for our main character. We don’t want him to have a bloody or gratuitous death animation, but still to clearly imply an overload of pain.

I took the same spark effect used when an enemy dies and recoloured blue and yellow versions, I’m not sure if they’ll still be used in the final product but it gives a good idea of what it’ll be like.

Let us know what you think, or maybe you have something better to suggest than a blue and yellow explosion.